Promotion Through Design Awards

Learn How You Could Tap Into The Publicity Potential of Design Awards to Promote Your Business, Products and Services

Awards can help companies gain fame, prestige and publicity and thus are a great way to promote brands and products. They are sometimes neglected because the potential publicity value could be just a few hundred million impressions, and they are not <Cropped>

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Lawrens Tan's 3m Ptl 10 Year Anniversary Logo Corporate Identity

Lawrens Tan Exhibits The 3m Ptl 10 Year Anniversary Logo Corporate Identity

Lawrens Tan, the creator of the displayed design Corporate Identity by Lawrens Tan points out, The brief was to create a logo that not only reflects what 3M™ Polarizing Light is about but also market it as a premium brand in table lamps. Using the <Cropped>

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International Design News

The Design International Is a Platform That Brings Together International Design News, Announcements and Events Such as Competitions and Conferences in Over 40 Languages

Discover the design international platform where you could read international design news from across the globe in over 40 languages, included are news on hottest new designs, best designers as well as design events such as design weeks, competitions <Cropped>

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Drinks Can by Nantapoom Chumpengphan

Nantapoom Chumpengphan Exhibits The Compression Can Drinks Can

Nantapoom Chumpengphan, the architect of the awarded design Compression Can by Nantapoom Chumpengphan explicates, This recyclable drinks can is designed with the environment in mind. A thin layer of liquid-proof membrane is squashed between a graphic <Cropped>

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How to Get Your Designs Published At Printed Magazines

Learn How to Pitch Local Media, Editors and Print Publications to Get Your Designs Published

This article, presented by DesignPRWire explains how to pitch local media, editors and publications to get your designs published in traditional media in 20 simple steps. Step 1 starts by visiting a newsstand, a magazine kiosk or the magazine section <Cropped>

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Lighting Design Award

Ilda, International Lighting Design Awards Are The Biggest and Most Prestigious Lighting Design Competition in The World and Are The Place to Discover The Latest Innovations in The Lighting Industry For Both Products and Projects

At its heart, design is about being curious, and it’s that sense of inquisitiveness that has led to these design solutions that transform our spaces and our experiences. The best of the best lighting projects that represent architectural lighting <Cropped>

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Award Winning Compass – School in Crete Bioclimatic European School Complex

Officetwentyfivearchitects O25 Discloses The Compass – School in Crete Bioclimatic European School Complex

Officetwentyfivearchitects O25, the project leader of the highlighted project Bioclimatic European School Complex by Officetwentyfivearchitects O25 demonstrates, The shape of the school that we designed is essentially an arrow that shows the path tha <Cropped>

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Jcb Project 120

Design a Jcb Backhoe Loader For The Year 2073. The Operation of The Machine, The Environment It Works in, Extra Functions, Energy Sources, Materials, Technologies, Style and Design-is Down to You!prizes. 1st Prize £2, 000, 2nd Prize £1, 000, 3rd Prize

Design a jcb backhoe loader for the year 2073. the operation of the machine, the environment it works in, extra functions, energy sources, materials, technologies, style and design - is down to you!Prizes. 1st prize £2,000, 2nd prize £1,000, 3rd p <Cropped>

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International Design Competition For Professional Designers and Brands

A’ Design Award & Competition (, the international juried design accolades announced its results. Given the number of competing countries and winner countries, A’ Design Award & Competition, has officially become the World <Cropped>

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